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Evolution of mmWave, Semiconductors, Antennae/interfaces, eWLB, to 60GHz BGA derives and more...

Presented by: Vubiq Networks, Mike Pettus, Founder & CTO

Thursday, January 23, 2020

12pm - 1pm


History review of raw die mmWave ICs to wafer scale BGA, and with some associated packaging and mmWave antennas/interfaces. Further review of flip chip, wire/ribbon bonding, to finally using eWLB packaged devices which enabled an all SMT approach at the system level. Evolution of early integrated antennas to 60 GHz BGA devices. Applications will be shown for point-to-point mmWave links, chipless RFID, and wireless data centers.

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EMD Performance Materials

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2019 Technical Presentations:​

  • High Efficiency RF/Microwave Power Amplifiers and Transmitters for 5G Communication - Ophir RF, Ramon Beltran, PhD
  • DLP 3D Printing for Biomedical Applications - Dr. Wei Zhu, Allegro 3D
  • Lunch & Learn Speaker Session

2018 Technical Presentations:

  • ​Precise Characterization of Multipin Connectors - ​Enow Tanjong
  • Microscale Universal Sensor System (MUSS) - ​Dr. Visarath In
  • Precise High-Thoroughput Underfill Dispense In Chip-On-Wafer Packaging ​​Hanzhuang “Hannah” Liang, PhD
  • High-Frequency Characterization of Chip Package Substrates Professor Ege Engin (SDSU Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering)

2017 Technical Presentations:

2016 Technical Presentations:

  • TWT to GaN: Material and Design Challenges in Electronic Packaging - Iris Labadie, Kyocera International
  • Modern Powder Consolidation Techniques for Producing Structural and Functional Ceramics - SDSU Graduate/PhD Student Panel
  • Teardowns of IoT and Wearable Devices - Bill Cardoso, Creative Electron, Inc.
  • How to Start up and Grow Your Microelectronics & Packaging Business? - Ken Kuang, Torrey Hills Technologies
    • Download a copy of Ken's presentation HERE
  • New Material Systems to Meet Next Generation Packaging Requirements - Roupen Keusseyan, Triton Microtechnologies

2015 Technical Presentations:

  • Nanofabricated Electronic Components - Carl Edwards, Space Micro
  • FOWLP Technology and Application Space - Beth Keser, Qualcomm
  • Packaging Consideration in Next Generation Active Array Modules - Paul Garland, Kyocera America
  • Feature Resolution Capability for Stencil Printed Transient Liquid Phase Sintering (TLPS) Paste Interconnect Structures - Catherine Shearer, Ormet
  • Recent Advances in Thermally Conductive Polymers - Jeff Gotro, Innocentrix, LLC
  • CMOS Power Amplifiers - The Next Big Thing - Jim Cable, Peregrine Semiconductor
  • Trends in RF Reliability Assessment - Roland Shaw, Accel-RF

2014 Technical Presentations:

  • Ultra-Low Residue Semiconductor Fluxes Enabling Embedded and Low Form Factor Flip-Chip Assembly - Dr. Andy Mackie, Indium Corporation
  • Glass as a Core Packaging Platform for Next Generation Electronic Devices - Tim Mobley, Triton Microtechnologies
    • Download a copy of Tim's presentation HERE
  • SiP Innovation: IC Packaging for the Next Big Thing - Rich Rice, ASE
    • Download a copy of Rich's presentation HERE
  • Polymer Challenges in 2.5D and 3D Packaging - Dr. Jeff Gotro, InnoCentrix, LLC
  • Large-Area Maskless Fabrication: Laser Interference Patterning and Direct Digital Manufacturing - Dr. Dajun Yuan, Torrey Hills Technologies

2013 Technical Presentations:

  • Trends in Mobile Industry and Impact on Packaging and Integration - Urmi Ray, Qualcomm
  • Package Demonstration of an Interposer with Integrated TSVs and Flexible Compliant Interconnects - Ivan Shubin, Oracle Labs
  • Silicon On Sapphire and its Applications for High Frequency Switches - Ronald E Reedy, Peregrine